VOLUNTEERING The conference heavily relies on your help! Please consider volunteering at SIGINT. You can sign up at our Engelsystem if you would like to help us on site.

SCHEDULE A version of our Fahrplan has been released. This schedule is still subject to changes.

For general information about SIGINT and its topics you can take a look at our Call for Participation, although it has already ended.
If you have an urgent talk and you're sure that it will be very interesting for our audience, you may still contact us. We might be able to make something happen.

Shortly after the conference, you can find recordings of our talks at media.ccc.de. We have live streams for most talks avaiable in video and audio-only versions at streaming.sigint.ccc.de.

LIGHTNING TALKS In addition to our regular program, we also have generous time slots reserved every day for 5-minute lightning talks. You can bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span. Discuss a program, system or technique, pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!

All you need to do is to reserve a slot in our lightning talk subconference.

WORKSHOPS There will be some workshops again this year, they are listed in our Fahrplan. If you'd like to give a workshop, even if it's ad-hoc, drop us a line so that we can advertize it and maybe get you a room.

GROUPS AND PROJECTS Traditionally, there will be some project booths on the ground floor of M6. The following groups and projects have been confirmed so far (in no particular order):

If you'd like to set up an expedition booth for your non-commercial project or (user) group, contact us.

CTF During this years SIGINT there will be a Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag competition. Participation is possible remotely, or from the nice, roomy Hackcenter at the conference. More information, and the possibility to register can be found here.

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